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Police Nabs Popular Fake Real Estate Developer DE-VILLA HOMES For Duping Over 70 People Millions In Naira For Selling Fake Land Using Radio Adverts


Real estate sector in the rivers state have come under serious infiltration s by dubious elements who pose as Real estate developers to dupe innocent residents of some millions for lands that never exist.

The police have arrested a popular real estate developer Lively-Hood Homes owners of De-villa home Dr FELIX NWORGU for defrauding residents of alleged lands sold at APO in Omagwa and Etche in Rivers state

The commissioner of CP Mustapha Dandaura ordered his arrest after over 70 persons stormed the police headquarters in rivers state demanding for a refund from Dr Felix Nworgu who had allegedly sold Land that is nonexistence to them.

The Police Boss CP Dandaura also ordered that all advert on de-villa home should be stopped in all Radio and Television stations across the state to ensure that others don’t fall prey to the antics of fraudsters who disguise as real estate owners and developers

During interrogation of Dr Felix Nworgu, The CP discovered that the 3 Truckloads of Mobile policemen attached to the De-villa were allegedly gotten through the back doors as documents presented to the CP on the police security guard where all forged signatories which emanated from the force Headquarters in Abuja and the CP ordered that all the police aids attached to de-villa Felix Nworgu be withdrawn with immediate effect and commanded that the officers report to the headquarters on Monday for profiling with their ammunition sized by the state command.

Earlier some of the petitioners including senior citizens who told our correspondent that they invested in the land as means of owing property to build a retirement home in the city not envisaging that the transactions were going to be fraudulent.

For Mrs. Eva Brown said, I paid two million forty thousand for two plots at the rate of one million twenty thousand per plot, since August 2018, ‘’one year since after my purchase I am yet to get any plot allocated to me it’s been come today or tomorrow, I just want a refund since I cannot get the land I paid for.

And others who brought evidence of paying for one, two and three plots of land at same APO LAYOUT IN OMAGWA said ‘’we have been trying to get possession of our property since after the installments payment but to no avail, each time they allocate land to us and you put pillars or beacon to demarcate the land if come the next day, you discover that someone else has already removed your beacon and when you go to them they will tell you sorry that they will allot you another place, but we don’t want another place but a refund of our monies.

Mr. IBEZIM UCHE said look at the 4 of us sitting here, we were allocated to the same plot of land. We are tired of fighting each other we decided to come together to fight our common enemy which is the man that sold one plot of land to five of us, this DE villa man has finished us honestly. Instead coming to fix the problems he created he wrote petition to the commissioner of police in Rivers state that we were threatening his Life, now that we are here let him give us our money, because there is no other means to get to him. If you go their Office at MGBUOBA IN PORT HARCOURT, the ARMY of Mopol men will not even allow you to come close to the office.


The fraudster Dr. Felix Nwaorgu in response admitted that all the documents presented by the protesters were genuine but that the money has been used to purchase somewhere else to be able to meet his or customers’ demands


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