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25 Days In The Hands Of Kidnappers, Commissioner For Agriculture In BAYELSA State Fathers King George Week Regains Freedom


After 25 days in captivity abducted Amananawei of Tarakiri clan in Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa State, King George Agbabou Week, has regained his freedom.

The monarch is the father of the state Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Prince Doodei Week who was kidnapped almost a month ago was released on Sunday according to a family source.

King George Weeks was set free late Sunday night by his captors, who dropped him at the riverside town of Amassoma in the Southern Ijaw council area of the state and disappeared into the creeks. the monarch is however undergoing medical checkup at an undisclosed hospital due to his poor health, his age and exposure to the weather elements he had underwent in the hands of his captors

son of the monarch, Prince Week confirmed the release of his father on his Facebook page wrote, “Finally, my role model, man who thought me things, including courage, fear of God, love, perseverance, respect, humility, how to say no or yes where it’s the right time to say, and above all, prays for me, is back home after 25 days of incarceration by adversarial elements. To God be glory,” he posted.

He did not confirm if any ransom was paid before his father was set free




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