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Governor Nyesom Wike Declines To Earlier Promise Of Dredging The NLNG Bonny Channel: Berates NPA For Collecting Levies And Revenue From Marine Operators But Refusing To Unclog Vessel Channels


Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has appealed to the Federal Government (FG) to forgive Rivers state people for any wrong they did to warrant perceived federal neglect currently being suffered by the state. Wike spoke on Tuesday in Port Harcourt during maiden delivery of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to downstream investor, Stockgap Terminal by the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Bonny.

Highlighting some of the vexed issues of federal government neglect, the Governor said, “Because it’s Rivers State, FG has refused funding the Bodo-Bonny Highway even when NLNG has agreed to borne 50% of the (N120Billion) project cost and up till now federal government has refused to bring its 50% counterpart funding. “Even if Rivers has done anything wrong, please we are begging, forgive us, but I don’t think we have done anything wrong as Rivers people.

Rivers state is the best place to invest. We continue to support every investment brought here and to show gratitude to the investors investing in the state, we would support them with whatever infrastructure needed to ensure they operate without hitches, we thank all the investors embracing our confidence to invest here and wondered why some people are de-marketing the state.

Wike Declining to his earlier promise to dredge the Bonny channels for ease of vessel movements, for the NLNG vessels the Governor said, “What is the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) doing? Rivers government should now be the one to dredge the channels and NPA is busy collecting levies and revenues from marine operators? “Why should that be? You don’t expect me to dredge waterways for NPA to be collecting all the money.

We know Federal Government are building a new Port in Lagos, but those in Rivers state have been rendered idle, grounded with no development attention.” Yet I will dredge the water channel then federal government will collect revenues.

Wike also pledged to upgrade the road leading to the Stockgap Terminal where Rivers and neighboring states can now get closer and cheaper access to LPG deliveries to home. He said this road used to be called eagle cement road, I told them when I was coming here that if its eagle cement road then Eagle cement should come fix the road.  I would fix the road to ensure that trucks coming to load the LPG do not topple with its contents as a way to encourage more investors.

He said instead of trucking the LPG from Lagos to port Harcourt, where the trucks spend 12hours sometimes 24 hours to bring back to us Gas that is produced in rivers state as it has been the practice before now, the governor, however, cautioned management of the firm to carry the host Rumuolumeni along. And also thanked the chiefs for providing the needed atmosphere for the people to invest without unnecessary demands from the community

“What we won’t condone about investors investing in Rivers is denying our people deserved employment quota. You must ensure that we get the right quota of our people to work here and give adequate training to them to be better placed to excel in the industry”,  he said a situation where rivers people are given only one percent employment ratio and the rest to others, we would not condone Wike told management of the company(Stockgap).



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