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Free Measles Vaccines: Get Your Child Protected-Rivers State Primary Health Care Management Board Urges Parents/Guardians


the Rivers state Ministry of heath is calling on residents in the state to vaccinate all children at 9 Months and 15Months against measles, yellow Fever and other vaccines available at all health facilities and centers in the State and across the 23 Local Government Area.

The Director of Health Care services of the Primary Health Care Management Board Dr. ISAAC OPURUM told newsmen that Measles is a deadly disease that kills thousands of children annually, he said the disease manifest in form of High Fever, Redness of Eyes, Runny nose and Rash and urge parents to rush such child to the nearest health care facilities

he noted that Measles can also reduce the child’s ability to fight other diseases, resulting in frequent illness and can also lead to Blindness and death

he said the government is kicking off campaigns and programs for every child in the state to partake of the free Vaccination available at Vaccination Posts, Health Centers nearest to you. ”the program we have today is the activities the rivers state government have for the people from now to December 2019”.

he said there three things one is maternal and child healthcare week, this programs takes care of mothers, babies and pregnant women. we give them things to boost their health conditions like children that are underweight we give them vitamins, we do family planning, we do antenatal care, and also registration of births Etc.

Isaac Opurum said the program is expected to kick off from Monday 11th TO 15TH NOVEMBER 2019. from that same week we would begin measles second dose which would start from 14th to 18th November.

he said we have been giving Measles vaccine as a routine at nine months but now we are going to increase the age to partake in the Measles vaccine to 23months, that is instead of stopping at one year or less then one year we now give babies that are also two years.

he said we are introducing the booster measles vaccine for babies 1/2 years in Rivers state

The Director Public Health Services of Primary Health Care Management Board ISAAC OPURUM Also said the third program is yellow fever which comes up from 27th of November 2019 to 10th of December. depending on the coverage.

He called on mothers and rivers residents to support these program to make it work stating that the whole essence of vaccine is to promote health and good health care for the citizens, he said all their vaccines are safe, free and not harmful. he said minor reactions like fever when a vaccine is introduced to the baby’s body is normal and should be expected but that as little as 50 Naira paracetamol takes care of the fever because the vaccine is going to protect that child for life, but if you allow that child not to take the vaccine any little viral infections can lead to death.


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