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Deputy Senate Leader In Bolivia Declares Herself As Interim President


Opposition senator in Bolivia Jeanine Áñez has declared herself interim president of the South American country following resignation of Evo Morales’.

Lawmakers from Evo Morales’ party boycotted the session, meaning there was no quorum for the appointment but Jeanine Áñez insisted she was next in line under the constitution and vowed to hold elections soon.

The former president Evo Morales who fled to Mexico, saying he asked for asylum there because his life was in danger condemned the announcement, describing Ms Áñez as “a coup-mongering right-wing senator”.

He resigned on Sunday after weeks of protests over a disputed presidential election result. He has said he was forced to stand down but did so willingly “so there would be no more bloodshed”.

Ms Áñez who was former Deputy Senate leader took temporary control of the Senate on yesterday, putting her next in line for the presidency following series of resignations from the socialist senators. Though, lawmakers from Mr Morales’ Movement for Socialism party were not present at the legislative session, Ms Áñez declared herself as interim leader.

The Bolivian former president had fled to Mexico as unrest erupted on the streets of the Bolivian administrative capital, La Paz, with angry supporters of the socialist leader clashing with security forces.

After arriving in Mexico City on Tuesday, he thanked Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, whom he credited with saving his life.

“While I have life I’ll stay in politics, the fight continues. All the people of the world have the right to free themselves from discrimination and humiliation,” he said. Recall that the chief of the armed forces, Gen Williams Kaliman, had urged Evo Morales to step down in the interests of peace and stability.

Announcing his resignation, Mr Morales said he had taken the decision in order to stop fellow socialist leaders from being “harassed, persecuted and threatened” and called his removal a “coup”.




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