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Federal High Court In Anambra Orders For The Seizure And Burning Of Fake KIWI Shoe Polish Products From Shops In Onitsha


A court in Anambra has ordered for the Immediate seizure and burning of fake kiwi shoe police products imported by some importers.

The Federal High Court sitting in Awka Anambra State, presided over by Justice I. B. Gafai had ordered the destruction of 1,600 tins of fake shoe polish confiscated in some markets in Onitsha worth about N42m to be destroyed by burning.

The court also ordered the seizure of the property of the importers and awarded N2m against them.

The counsel for Asco Investment, Mr Tagbo Anaeto, described the faking of genuine products as a great economic sabotage as it was an infringement on the trademark of registered owners of Kiwi products.

Anaeto expressed gratitude to the judiciary for the order and the steadfastness of the Chairman of Asco Investments, Chief Sam Anyanwutaku, to wipe out fake products from the markets.

He said, “It is an ongoing exercise. We are in every market to fish out fake Kiwi products, especially markets in Onitsha.

“Those involved in the illegal act do so under the cover of a company and we are happy that the court has directed the Standards Organisation of Nigeria to sanction them appropriately.

“We are also happy that the fake products are no longer as prevalent as they used to be as the people involved are beginning to realize that Asco Investment are unrelenting in fighting the fake Kiwi polish importers.”

He also commended the judiciary, security agencies and the foreign manufacturers of the products for supporting the efforts of his company to wipe out fake Kiwi products from Nigeria.

“It is only few people that still engage in it and we hope to completely wipe them out soon. In the past, majority of the Kiwi polish in Nigeria was fake, but through our efforts, the problem has reduced considerably,” he added.



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