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Controller Of Kirikiri Maximum Prisons, Doctor Arrested For Aiding Fraudsters


Nigerians have waiting and watching to see what becomes of the management of Nigerian prison services otherwise changed to Nigeria correctional services where it was discovered that wealthy prisoners paid their way to enjoy normal life while still in prison custody.

The story of Hope Olusegun Aroke who allegedly carried out a million-dollar fraud while serving a 24-year jail sentence – for fraud filled most local and internal headlines last week was said to enjoy access to a mobile phone and the internet while in prison

In a bid to get to the root of what transpired at the correctional center and how the fraudster was able to pay his way to semi freedom, head of a maximum-security jail and a prison doctor have been arrested in Nigeria, following allegations that they enabled a prisoner to conduct internet scams.

He was originally arrested in 2012 and convicted of obtaining money under false pretenses and forgery.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said the two prison staff were arrested for falsifying medical reports that enabled Aroke to get treatment outside prison in a police hospital.

“The first suspect, [Emmanuel] Oluwaniyi, who is the Controller, Kirikiri Maximum Prison, as well as the second suspect, [Hemeson Edson] Edwin, who is in charge of the medical facility, were arrested on Monday, November 25, 2019, by operatives of the commission,” the EFCC said in a statement.

Aroke was one of two Malaysia-based Nigerian undergraduate fraudsters arrested by the EFCC towards the end of 2012 in Lagos, following a tip-off, the commission added.

He had claimed to be a student of computer science at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University, but was in fact the “arrow head of an intricate web of internet fraud schemes that traverse two continents”. He used a network of accomplices to commit the fraud, it added.

After getting himself admitted to a police hospital, authorities say Aroke moved to a hotel, receiving guests and attending parties.

He had used the fake name Akinwunmi Sorinmade to open two bank accounts and bought a luxury car and homes during his time in prison. He also had unfiltered access to his wife and children.



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