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Black Friday Sales In Nigeria: Fake Or Hoax ? Shoppers Lament Slash On Soon To Be Expired Goods


shoppers in port Harcourt on Friday lamented over the hoax in business that were allegedly giving a price slash attributed to black Friday.

some of the shoppers who thronged the port Harcourt mall told our correspondent that there is nothing about the so called price slash as items were allegedly changed from a normal price to a 5% price slash on the said items.

another shopper  Gina Amadi told us that the only price slash was on expired goods and not the goods advertised by the retail outlets.

Adams said i came here to see if i can get cheap rice to buy for my party but i am disappointed because the price is same with the open market, do they think i am looking for air conditioned room or cheaper price? he retorted walking away from our reporter.

Halima usman nicely attired in her Hausa clothing’s said i am just checking the items, honestly nothing is cheap fa, i will just look and go and buy ice cream for my children.

else where across the globe workers protest the environmental impact of black Friday activities

Activists across France staged Black Friday protests against Amazon, decrying consumerism and its impact on the environment.

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the company’s French headquarters in Clichy, north of Paris.

Protesters also tried to blockade a shopping centre in Paris and a logistics centre near the eastern city of Lyon.

The protests aimed to disrupt Black Friday, a discount shopping day that activists have blamed for environmental damage.

In response, Amazon told the BBC it respected the right to protest but disagreed with “the actions of these individuals”.

Similar protests against Amazon erupted in other European countries, including Germany, where workers from six distribution centres staged a walkout over pay and conditions.

The union Verdi, which called the strike, said its members’ hard work could not be bought for “knock-down prices”.

Some French lawmakers want to ban Black Friday because of its environmental impact, and Environment Minister Elisabeth Borne has warned against the “consumption frenzy” linked to the event.

The shopping day began in the US on the Friday after Thanksgiving but in recent years spread to other countries.

Environmentalists have accused Amazon of accelerating climate change through its rapid delivery services, which they say contribute to greenhouse gases emissions.

Amazon ships around 10 billion packages per year, according to Reuters news agency

To mitigate its impact on the climate, the US e-commerce company pledged to go net carbon neutral by 2040 by investing in electric delivery vans, among other initiatives.



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