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Ethnic Youth Groups Accuse Rivers State Government Of Bias For Allowing Only Ikwerre Youths Function Even With The Proscription Of Youths Activities


Reactions is trailing the Rivers State Government Ban on Youths activities as other youth bodies in the state accuse the government of providing shield to youths of Ikwerre ethnic nationalities of openly operating while youths from other communities are barred from engaging or carrying out any youth related activities,

The President-General of Rivers State Ethnic Youths Leaders Council, Bright Abali who spoke on behalf of the concerned youth bodies criticized RSG government proscription of Youth Groups.

He lamented that it is worrisome to see some youth groups loyal to the Governor still functioning under the proscription. He said the Ikwerre youth, ogbakor Ikwerre youths are functioning hosting events at Beverley hills hotels, attracting foreign donors and government support,

He alleges that the national youth council led by Chijioke Ihunwo is functioning, hosting events and doing activities but its regrettable that other ethnic youth groups, like the Ogba youth council, youths from Ogba Egbema, Ndoni, Ahoada, Abua and the Ogoni areas are not functioning.

Bright Abali revealed that the youths are complaining that the memorandum of understanding signed by the host communities’ youth groups are shattered by the actions of the Rivers State Government to Proscribe youth’s activities.

He opened up that Multinationals have taken advantage of the situation to undue host Community youths, denying them of their entitlements due to the existing proscription by government as the company no longer listen to youths. He said this has caused serious economic problems to the youths of the host communities because their livelihood is seriously affected.

He asked why will one set of youth group be allowed to function while others are prevented from doing so? He said the DSS has also confirmed that the process of profiling is still going on and wonder why youth group from a particular ethnic group will be function while others are languishing in extreme poverty

Abali Appealed to the Rivers state government to either ban totally all youths Groups activities or for the benefit of the State at large the Proscription of youth activities should be lifted as it has grossly affected the economy of the youths in the state.


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