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How Will Refugees And Internally Displaced Peoples IDPs Camps Fare In This Harsh Weather Conditions- (UNCHR)


Humanitarian agencies says one of the significant challenges  posed in their operations in different parts of the world is how Refugees will fare in the seemingly harsh weather conditions across the world

Experts say internally displaced people IDPs and Refugees people displaced within countries because of conflict are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather,

Extreme weather has even caused secondary displacements for populations that have already had to move with Temporary camps for the displaced in Africa and Asia also been affected.

The spokesperson of United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), Shaima Mantoo told the BBC that “This has become our major challenge,” “An increasing number of camps for refugees and internally displaced people are being hit by extreme weather events and managing them in such conditions is proving to be increasingly difficult.”

Scientists say that extreme weather events will be the new normal if warming continues at its present rate.

But experts said climate change could not be linked directly to those weather-related disasters.

However, they argue, many of them concur with scientific predictions that the intensity and frequency of extreme weather will grow in a warming world.



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