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Build Bigger Space, Tackle Touting Around The Airport: Air Passengers Reacts To FAAN Intended Ban On Escorting Loved Ones To Airports


The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria last week Wednesday banned individual and agency protocol activities at airports across the country.

But residents of port Harcourt especially air passengers say the ban will not hold as the Federal Government and FAAN has failed to provide necessary facilities at all the airport across the country according to International standard.

Mrs Ujunwa Okafor told EWR that asking family and friends not to come to the airport is a serious joke, she said travelling to the port Harcourt airport is a big issue with the long distance drive to get to Omagwa from any location in port Harcourt is herculean task.  She continued at my age I would start dragging luggage’s because most times no matter the time you leave your house, due to traffic and unwarranted go slow you might end up racing to board and in most cases you could leave out or loss some of your belongings because you were trying to meet up.

For Mr. Adams Brown, he advised the FANN Authorities to focus on up grading the facilities to 21st century and leave the issue of families escorting their loved ones to the airport. He said for me and my children seeing me off to the airport is their own way of showing love and an opportunity to come out of the house to stretch their legs. Where else can they go here?

Idaye Michael says this country has a big issue family and friends escorting someone to the airport should not be their concern, instead they should make the airport bigger to accommodate more people, go to Dubai, the size of one airport is so big that when you escort anyone there you won’t want to trek far. That’s what FANN should be thinking,

For Mr. Smith Ajibade who is a practicing protocol officer says we have never constitute nuisance for the Airport authorities, we simply help our clients especially the foreigners who are not conversant with the laws of our country to ensure they have a hitch free flight, he said you know first impressions matters a lot and because we want to create a conducive atmosphere for our visitors especially the extort ions by customs and immigration officers at the airport, he advised FANN to focus more on Eliminating the growing number of touting and rustling of passengers at the airport than accusing Protocol officers who are professionals in their field’’

And for young JANE HARRY, we come to the airport for sightseeing abeg they should shift and allow us to be.

Mrs Joy Eneche says the problem is not family and friends but the terrorist looking people who are almost dragging your stuffs with you, and the mini soldiers they kept as luggage handlers who insist you pay them for trolleys as if one is handicapped.

Recall that the General Manager, Corporate Affairs of FAAN, Mrs Henrietta Yakubu, had said the decision was in line with the Federal Government’s policy on ease of doing business.

She said apart from FAAN protocol services and the designated Ministry of Foreign Affairs officers, no individual or agency would be allowed to escort passengers or conduct any type of protocol activity after immigration process for departing passengers and before immigration process for arriving passengers at the airports.

The statement reads in part, “In the interest of our common safety and comfort, all passengers, agencies, and other stakeholders are requested to kindly align their airport activities accordingly.

“In a similar vein, passengers are also advised to please kindly desist from coming to the airports with groups of friends and relatives.”Noting that the new directive from FAAN was aimed at enhancing the safety, comfort and efficient facilitation of human and vehicular traffic at the airports.

She said the agency was prepared for the usual surge in passenger traffic expected during the Christmas season.  “In preparation for the season and beyond, we have beefed up security at all our airports, especially the major international gateways in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano.”

She urged passengers to cooperate with the agency to ensure a hitch-free season.



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