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PHEDC Rated The Worst Disco In Nigeria As Port Harcourt Residents Groans Over Christmas And New Year Celebrations In Darkness


A social media polls conducted to rate light supply in various state has scored Port Harcourt electricity distribution company lowest in the distribution of power supply to her esteemed consumers. The polls conducted on Rant headquarters asked millions of its followers to rate the discos in their various state and dully monitored by our correspondent noted that Lagos scored the highest with most contributors clicking on 100%, some scored Lagos 500.-900% in distribution during the yuletide.

Anambra was second with rant members who had travelled home testifying to the availability of power which most of them acknowledge did not need it due to the Harmattan already biting hard in the east. As such contributors from Enugu Anambra and some part of Imo state Rated EDC disco 80%.

To break the camel’s back where contributors from Port Harcourt rating PHDC 0% to minus 0000%, Our Correspondent noted that only a few people from woji axis of Port Harcourt agreed to have spent Christmas and new year with light.

Port Harcourt resident’s expectation with regards to Power Supply in 2020?

Mr. James Amadi said how many cities celebrated the New year without light? That should tell you what port Harcourt should be expecting in 2020, and he walked away.

Our reporter however visited Orazi dubbed as the most area that enjoys 24/7 light in port Harcourt and Ishmael George said we didn’t see light throughout the Christmas period neither did we see it on new year day. While he was still talking to EWR on the evening of the 3days blackout in Orazi a beep which signified light has come greeted the area and he said to us, please excuse me let me quickly charge my phones and pump water, these people (PHEDC) can’t be trusted with this light.

At Eliozu to Rupkwuokw the story is the same a few people in a chart with EWR confirmed that they neither see light or taste anything cold throughout the yuletide and thanked president Muhammad Buhari for ensuring that fuel supply was not scares as they depended on generators to watch TV only at night.

Henry Ibeh said I am not surprised at all for the past three years PHEDC Has never given us light on Christmas day or new year day, they only bring it after 3 days of such events and we just pump water and use our small small generators to survive.  You can see people fetching water here and there? they all have borehole in their compound but the small generators can’t carry most pumping machine he added.

How will businesses cope with such fate in 2020? More details in our subsequent bulletins.



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