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Abandoned Farmland In South-East Region Makes Grazing Attractive For Fulani Herdsmen- Former COAS Ihejirika

by Anita Ogona

The former Nigeria Chief of Army Staff, General Azubuike Ihejirika, (retd.)  says the reasons why headers find gazing attractive in the South-East region is due to Selective and isolated farming methods

General Azubuike Ihejirika, (retd) during the inaugural economic empowerment event by the Amaba Daughters Association in the Isuikwuato Local Government Area of Abia State in Nigeria said Selective and isolated farming methods have made farms attractive for cattle to graze upon in the South-East region.

He said it’s unfortunate that farming had been abandoned for several years for other trades, while most farmlands had turned into forests, as such headers/cattle did not see the farmlands as farms but as forest, pointing out that only when farms were cultivated in large quantities or as cooperatives that the cattle would shun destruction.

“I believe that if in our communities (in the South-East), people come together, clear sizeable areas and make their farms in form of cooperatives and not isolated farms, it will be easier to relate with other interest groups like herdsmen and local governments. But if they farm in communities or as cooperatives, they should also be able to relate with herdsmen who have already organised themselves also in form of cooperatives,”.

He said it should come in forms of infrastructure, including government empowerment, access roads to the farmlands, clearing of the forests, noting that “Only when these things are done will people be encouraged to venture into farming, particularly in our area that is rain forest.”

The former Army Boss Advised youths to consider farming, and urged “Abia in particular and South-East in general that have been a model for other areas (in farming).

He said ‘’If we go back to the Michael Okpara era, it was in the South-East that he established farm settlements, which came with schools, cooperatives and arrangements that government even bought off products for export. So, the role of government is very important. The best government can give to the youths is to encourage them in farming. The stipend they can give the youths will come to nothing if there is no access road, cleared forest turned to farmlands, and perhaps, the necessary education.

Government at all levels should clear large areas of forest and turn them into farms and hand them over to those youths or entrepreneurs who have genuine interest in agriculture.”



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