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Biting Cold In Jos Forces Resident To Go To Work In Style, Wearing Winter Jackets


The National Centre for Remote Sensing on Friday said Jet streams, which is rapidly moving air that moves at the upper level of the atmosphere, northeast trade wind otherwise referred to as Harmattan, coupled with the altitude of Jos, the Plateau State capital has made the city the coldest in the country with temperatures as low as 6.7 degree Celsius,

Temperatures in Jos and parts of the north and central parts of Plateau State dropped to 9 degrees Celsius on New Year’s Day and has continued to drop in the early hours up to January 6th the first working day in the year 2020 sparking heightened lamentations from residents across the state.

A Civil Servant in the state Pam Dauda said “Water from the taps are extremely cold, we have to warm it before drinking. Sachet water, when bought from vendors is cold and you would have thought they were refrigerated

“We have experienced extreme cold weather conditions Thursday all through weekends and from my assessment, the temperature this year is colder than what we experienced in 2019,” he said.

Another civil Servant Michael Ruwang said I have to cover myself to go to work and I take my camp gas to the office to keep warm.

EWR gathered that Jos’ temperature dropped to an average of 11 degrees Celsius on Wednesday 1st January evening, but rises to about 19 degrees in the afternoon. Some residents of the Plateau state capital complained that the cold weather had disrupted their routine activities as they had to spend long hours indoors

Mrs. Chundung James, who is a trader in the city, said the weather had forced her to open her shop late in the morning. “This cold is too severe and that is why I stay indoors for many hours before setting out to the market; my health first before any other thing,”

Ms. Glory said she resorted to wearing “cold breakers” to shield herself from the adverse weather and advised fellow residents to do likewise so as not to “break down.”


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