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Port Harcourt Residents Accuse Federal Government Of Taking Back Their #30,000 Minimum Wage Through Electricity Hike


Port Harcourt residents have kicked against the planned tariff hike in electricity consumption by the federal government.

Speaking to Eastwest Reporters MR. EPHRAIM DAMINABO said how can they increase the price, why is federal government always doing things that is against the citizens right? He Queried, I am a civil servant with six children who are in school, how do they expect me to meet up with all these tax? He continued, look at the number of years it took them to increase minimum wage but they were so fast to increase NEPA Bill. Honestly I am tired of this country he said walking away.

Some other residents also reacting to the planned price hike in electricity consumption told our correspondent Henrietta PEPPLE said I work as a federal civil servant, we have started receiving our minimum wage but I don’t federal government to use the back door to collect back the minimum wage, but my greatest problem is that I Live in three rooms with my family and they bring a monthly bill of N20,000 naira so with the increase now I will pay 40,000 naira? I don’t want it at all.

Mr. Gift Tundun says that the hike in price is another way of government taking back the 30, 000-naira minimum wage expected increase from workers and consumers. He said I don’t even see the light they want to increase, so to me paying so much for darkness is a sin against God and humanity.

IDAYE Brown said I am already paying more for the epileptic power supply and they want me to pay times two of that amount for darkness? Is it good? He asked our reporter.

Also speaking on the planed price hike in electricity consumption, the assistant general Secretary of senior staff association of electricity and allied Company Innocent Lord-Douglas describes the hike as a witch hunt to worker’s welfare and called on civil society organization to take government to court.

He said its only court that has the power to stop the federal government from carrying out such painful actions against her citizens.



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