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Civil Servants Express Mixed Feelings Over Delay In Minimum Wage Implementations: Rivers State NLC, ”No Cause For Alarm We Have Concluded Negotiations”


Civil servants in the state have expressed mixed feelings over the inability of the state government to have implemented the new 30,000-naira minimum wage.

They said they expected that the state government would have started payments in December due to increase in food cost and border closure. Which affected the price of food stuffs?

The civil servants complained that market forces have increased prices of commodity even when they have not benefited from the minimum wage.

Elder Essien KPAKOL FROM POROMA TAI said the issue of minimum wage is like they are playing football we don’t know who will score, we expected that by this time everybody in the country especially here in River state should have benefited from this money, today you will hear of strike, tomorrow you will hear they strike is called off overnight, why? The politics of this minimum wage is affecting us because things are very costly

Madam Tina Ipalibo Said I am retiring this year, the earlier they implement this minimum wage the better for me because it will add to my final take home on pension and gratuity.

Mr. Harry John-Bull says I don’t even know who to blame weather it’s the state government or the Nigeria Labour Congress that is supposed to be protecting our interest because they have killed labour in this state, all I do is to listen to what the national body is saying anything they say is what I do. But for me there is no labour in River state, they toothless bulldog

The civil servants in the state however appeal to the state government to urgently begin the implementation of the new wage bill to augment their meager pay to meet present day realities

Meanwhile the state chairperson of the Nigeria labor congress NLC Beatrice ITUBO has hinted that negotiations on the consequential adjustment of the minimum wage is already at the concluding stage.

She told our correspondent that all things been equal, the workers will receive their new minimum wage with January paycheck. She said the new minimum wage might be signed into law on Monday as the committee is putting finishing touches on the documents.

She thanked the Rivers State Government, members of the joint negotiating Councils, wages and salary commission committees for the peaceful disposition throughout the process.


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