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Do You Desire Global Career Experience? Attend The International Education Fair 2020 Get Instant Admission


To ensure that deserving scholars get necessary international academic opportunities and  placement in institution of their choice, the MOD Group is bringing to your door step, reputable world class educational institutions under one roof through the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION FAIR 2020 (IEF).

The IEF As the Mantra says, Improve your life; Increase your worth, the IEF has been transforming the lives of Nigerians for over eight years. MOD Group, the company that birthed the IEF, researched and realized that a high percentage of Nigerians have little or no knowledge when it comes to international studies. From the schools that offer the course students desire to study, to the deadline for application or the Scholarship opportunities and requirements schools abroad offer.

The IEF brings together the finest schools from the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Turkey, Mauritius, the USA amongst others to Nigeria (and also Ghana). The fair will be an eye-opener to international academic opportunities that have been in existence. Opportunities like Instant admission, Free application, One on One counseling from representatives, post-study opportunities, free IELTS prep Materials and also scholarship opportunities. Yes, these are the benefits people get for attending the IEF.

The IEF will be held in 6 major cities (5 in Nigeria and 1 in Ghana). Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Lagos and Accra, which will be from Monday, January 27th to Saturday, February 8th. To attend the fair and more info, register on our website, www.ief.ng. Attendance is free.



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