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Horrific Details Of How Chima Ikwunado Was Allegedly Tortured To Death, As 4 Others Detained With Him Speaks To Human Rights Group From Port Harcourt Prison


facts are emanating of the extrajudicial murder from severe torture of Chima by the E-Crack Team of the Nigerian Police in Port Harcourt. the group said that the Others 4 are inflicted with serious body injuries without access to proper medical facility.

THE Group findings Reveals that:

  1. Ifeanyi Onyekwere has severe life threatening injuries with nauseating smell and liquid substance gushing out; can hardly sit, stand or walk; in excruciating pains, yet no care, no treatment; there is fear of his survival. He needs to be taken out of custody for immediate proper lifesaving treatment. Eye hurting pictures will come up later.
  2. Victor Ogbonna, a teenager, has body injuries from the Police torture, he can hardly walk, he limps and has pains in his bones.
  3. Ifeanyi Osuji and Osaze Friday have degrees of body injuries, including head injuries.

Late Chima had broken limbs, broken arms, serious body injuries and fractures all over before his death in the cell of the murderous E-Crack.


On Friday 20-12-19 we (late Chima, Ifeanyi Onyekwere and Victor) were brought out from the cell with handcuffs on our hands and legs, our eyes tied and we were hanged on a cross bar where we were tortured brutally with all kinds of weapons, hammer, planks, machetes, iron, etc from 11.00am until 5.00pm (6 hours). We sustained serious injuries. They took us back to the cell of over 70 people. No treatment, we were on pains.

On Sunday 22-12-19 late Chima started saying he was tired. We all slept.

On Monday 23-12-19 when we woke up in the morning Chima did not wake up. He had died. The cell mates then started shouting that somebody has died. We cried.

Then the Police came and asked Ifeanyi Osuji and Osaze to carry Chima’s dead body to their Hilux van. They moved us (Ifeanyi, Victor, Osaze and Ifeanyi) to another cell and nobody saw or knew anything about us again.

On 09-01-20 they took us to court; we did not have our lawyer; we were not allowed to say anything but they took us to prison. We have been here and no treatment. They adjourned our matter to 27-02-20.



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