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Agriculture: Ways Of Exporting Nigerian Groundnuts To All European Countries Topped Discussion As NGROPPMAN Pays A Working Visit to Consulate General of Netherlands To Boost Nigeria’s Economy


The National Groundnut Producers Processors and Marketers Association of Nigerian (NGROPPMAN) In a bid to advance the nation’s agricultural sector paid a working visit to the Netherlands’s Embassy in Lagos Nigeria.

President of the association Aimu Foni said the visit became necessary following the successes recorded by Nigeria’s groundnuts in recent times and as a roadmap to boost the nation’s economy.

The NGROPPMAM Boss Aimu Foni also described groundnut as one product/ commodity which all parts are virtually useful both to humans and animals but wondered why the Nigeria’s government is yet to give it the needed attention it deserved.

Earlier, he identified the off-takers of the product as a major setback which necessitated the bases for the courtesy visit to the Netherlands Consulate general. According to him “Groundnut is a useful product with virtually all part of it are useful to both humans and animals… If the government of Nigeria will come in and assist the farmers to produce more and the Netherlands government off-takes it, then we will have no problems.” “We had a good production this year more than expected but when we don’t have off-takers the farmers will be discouraged to produced next year so the whole thing is about the off-takers”

Speaking further he said “we had a problem with seeds but that has been settled because in Zaria we now have those people that are ready to provide us with the best seeds, so we are okay in that area” He added that “we have many states that produces groundnuts in Nigeria especially in the North and Central part of the nation but what matters most is the off-takers” he said.

On his part, the facilitator of the visit Mr. Abdulrazaq Usman (Vice president ii) when giving his remarks said Nigeria is the third groundnut producing country in the world with the production of 3million tons a year. Usman earlier noted that Europe is a large market for groundnut with an estimate of 500-600 thousand per annum which its importation rate does increases. Usman however said he believed that Nigerian can top the market if given the desired attention by the Netherlands government “we want to establish a relationship with the European countries especially the Netherlands because Netherlands are one of the major importers of groundnuts”

the National Secretary to the NGROPPMA Mr. Adebayo Adeniyi, had during the closed door meeting with the Consulate general over the weekends explained that the association is saddled with the responsibilities of catering for groundnuts farmers especially on professionalism in groundnut producing, processing and marketing. He noted that the association is more concerned that Nigeria’s groundnut is currently free from a chemical called “Aflatosin” which enables the products to be used in all parts of the world.

He said “We have reports from Nassarawa state that Nigeria’s groundnuts exported this year were Aflatosin safe” He further appealed to the Nigerians government to always provide Aflasafe and other mechanized equipment’s.

Roll call at the visit includes Mallam Ei- Manuer (national auditor) Dr. (Mrs) O. Elizabeth (Lagos state chapter president) Mr. Peters Ibironke (Lagos Vice president) Mrs Joke Ogunbanjo (Lagos state secretary) and Ima-owaji Shedrack (Media Officer).

Responding to the delegation request the Consul-genneral Michael Deleen who received the group before handing them over to the Nigeria’s representative on Agriculture to Netherlands Mr. Christopher Udoh for onward discussions thanked the NGROPPMAN delegation for the courtesy visit noting that Nigeria’s groundnut does not ends in Netherlands alone but goes across the European countries. In another development he stressed on the need for quality certifications as well advised the NGROPPMAN to continue in keeping standards by identifying with other international marketers.

Mr. Christopher Udoh Earlier posited that the Netherlands government is open and committed in supporting agricultural programs which according to him Nigeria’s groundnut will not be kept aside anymore with a promise to review the issues as presented by the association with the Consul-genneral and get back to them in no distant time.


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