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ETCHE & OMUMA People Are Completely Cut Of From Health Care Delivery, Left At The Mercy Of Quacks: Public Complaints Commission Raise Alarm Over The Moribund Hospitals In That Area



The Federal Commissioner representing Rivers State in The Public Complaints Commission Hon. Marshall Israel has expressed concern over the dilapidated state of Rivers State Government own Hospitals in Etche and Omuma Local Government Area of the state.

The Federal Commissioner of PCC in Rivers State, Hon. Israel who spoke when he led officials of the Commission on a visit to the facilities as part of their mandate said Etche and Omuma people are now living at the mercy of quacks in the health sector.

The PCC boss particularly mentioned General Hospital Okomoko, Okehi in Etche and Omuma General Hospital which he said are all moribund in nature.

Hon.Israel while calling on the State Government to urgently intervene to end the suffering of the people expressed worry that the present condition of the health facilities was endangering the lives of the Etche people.

“General Hospital Okomoko is the only functional Hospital in Etche and Omuma LGA. Even at that, the medical equipment is near moribund if not totally comatose. They don’t have constant running water and electricity. The Generator is bad and the only water tank they have is leaking”.

“The Hospital at Omuma is closed. The one at Okehi is closed. And there is no functional health center in Etche and Omuma. Etche people are completely cut off from State Government Health Services”.

“With the current state of Health Facilities in Etche and Omuma, it means that before anyone will rush to Port Harcourt for an emergency medical attention, the person would have died. It is bad.  It’s regrettable.  Local Government can start something before the State. All is for the benefit of the society which Etche people are part of”.

“And as for Okomoko General Hospital, I will donate a Water Tank and a good Generator to assist them as my own contribution. Before the end of February, I would have brought them here. It’s not the usual Political promise, it’s a Commitment. My word is my Bond. I will do it”.

The Federal Commissioner Public Complaints Commission who also visited some schools in Etche, expressed satisfaction over the level of work done in Amaku-Mba Community Primary School just as he encouraged stakeholders to learn to give back to the society for the sake of development.

He said he decided to renovate the Primary School as a way of giving back to the society which he said will in turn bring development to the community and local government at large.

“It’s not part of my mandate to do it but I have a natural obligation to do it. We have Completed and roofed Primary four to six. We have also finished block work on Primary one to three, it’s remaining roofing”.

“We cannot continue to wait for Government to do everything for us. By the grace of God, we will complete the renovation before Easter”.



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