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I Stand By My Word That Police Killed An Innocent Man” Car Owner Speaks Out As His Life Comes Under Threat: The IKOKWU5 Saga Continues


As the issues that led to alleged torture to death of a port Harcourt based mechanic Chima Ikwunado continues to unfolds, the owner of one of the vehicles enmeshed in the case, Chinedu Ezenwaliri said he has sworn an affidavit at the Port Harcourt high Court to state his own side of the story.

He said several attempts was made by him to reach the late Chima Ikwunado in the cell instead the police played him video of someone claiming it was Chima confessing to kidnap but that he immediately told the IPO that the person in the video was never late Chima Ikwunado

‘’Then I refuted the allegation that Mr., Chima Ikwunado was not anything of that sort and that he was my mechanic whom I have known for years. The IPO (Mr. SAM) then decided to play me for me a prerecorded video of one individual who was making a confessional statement and I told him that the person was not Mr. Chima Ikwunado and I had no idea who the person in the Video was, the IPO then told me that that Mr. Chima was the leader of the gang, I also refuted this and told the IPO that what I was told was that Mr. Chima was arrested for driving against traffic. Upon hearing this the IPO immediately became hostile and asked me to get out his office and I left’’

He said ‘’he went from21st December to the police station, then 22nd Dec, was asked to come back on the 24th, then 26th and was told they are still carrying out their investigation that I should come back on the 30th and the car was finally released on the 30th of December 2019 with everything inside the car vandalized’’.

‘’On the 31st December he went back to the station to ask for the missing items, my battery was removed, my driving licence, photocopies of the particulars of the car and my invoice booklets, I was told to wait they were having training then I left for the new year and came back on the 2nd of January 2020 only to discover that the IPO has traveled’’

Lawyers to Chinedu Ezenwaliri, CHIABU ONUOBIA while briefing pressmen at the NUJ press center said his client went repeatedly to the mile one police station before his vandalized car was finally released to him on the 30th day in December 2019

The Lawyers CHIABU ONUOBIA also raised an alarm that the life of Chinedu Ezenwaliri has come under threat for standing by his word that the late Chima Ikwunado was never a criminal nor stole his car that he voluntarily gave him the car to fix, he alleged that since the whole matter came on air that he had been called on several cases with unknown numbers with various threats and men in plain clothes comes to his house and shop at will looking and asking after him.

He said due to Chinedu Ezenwaliri refusal to accept that late Chima was a criminal the police assumed a different hostility, barring him from reaching Chima, he resorted to the family who continued pressing on the matter, until the news of Chima death broke out.



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