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Ohaneze Ndigbo Accuse Some Magistrate In Rivers State Of Conniving With Police To Pervert Justice


The Ohanaeze Ndigbo has accused some magistrate in rivers state of conniving with some policemen and police command to subvert justice within the judiciary.

The publicity secretary of Ohaneze Ndigbo Mazi Felix Chikwendu Onuma told our correspondent that the judicial system in rivers state is too slow and they believe that the E crack team and the police is working hand in hand with some kind of magistrate court that they want to go without jurisdiction on certain matter.

He said a matter like the case of Chima and the four other mechanic that was charged to magistrate court ought not to been taken to a magistrate court, he said the magistrate that entertained the matter ought to have rejected the matter and asked the police to take them to a proper court for these boys to have been granted bail immediately but the magistrate court with the police entertained the case without lawyers representing them and still charged them to prison custody.

He said in the said charge sheet sent to the magistrate court the police said one was at large with the name of chima who had died in prison  cell as being at large,

He said that ohaneze is still pained that up till these moment ohaneze can not gain access to the body of  late chima, he said police told us he is at the mortuary we don’t know if they have buried him or they have exhumed him or he is at the mortuary, we don’t know, they claimed that the family is not moving or they have not come but efforts are been made on daily basis even with the owners of the cars going to court to swear an affidavit. police has not allowed us to see his corpse.


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