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Human Rights Group CDHR Urge Attorney General Of Rivers State To Take over The Prosecution & Arraignment Of The Errant Police Officers Involved In Ikokwu 5 Saga


A human rights organization, the committee for the defense of Human rights CDHR has appealed to the attorney General of Rivers Dr Zacchaeus Adangoa to take over the matter of allege torture to death of Late Chima Ikwunado and Ikokwu 5.

A Former National Publicity secretary of the committee for the Defense of Human rights Henry Ekine told our correspondent that the law empowers the state government to take up any criminal matter committed in the state.

He said in pursuant to section 211 of 2019 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria which empowers him to institute any criminal proceeding in any court, we demand and enjoy the honorable Attorneys general to do just that by instituting criminal proceeding against the six police officers involved in allege torture to death of late Chima Ikwunado and the Ikokwu 4 who are in already in the custody of the police as this is the constitutional responsibilities of the Attorney general’’

The former publicity Secretary of the committee for the defense of Human rights who is also lawyer to the Ikokwu 4 said civil societies organizations have lost confidence in the police to carry out a proper investigation in a matter of police VS civilians.

He the right thing to be done is for rivers State Government to take over the proceedings in this matter for a dispassionate and proper proceeding. He said as matter of public interest it should be the State vs those errant police and not the commissioner of police vs those police officers’’

He said as a matter of fact   the Nigeria police rivers state command is implicit in this matter because the e-crack is unit under the commissioner of police in rivers state so they cannot be a judges in its own course’’

He said we no longer have confidence in the police to handle this case especially with the complexity and confusions surrounding even to take the relatives of Chima to see the remains of Chima and to conduct a second autopsy after their purported autopsy earlier announced by the police public relations officer NNAMDI OMONI. So our demands are for the immediate arraignment and prosecution of the errant police officers. For the murder of Chima and the brutal torture of the surviving IKOKWU 5’’




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