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Make Public And Private Places Accessible For Over 30 Million Nigerians Living With Disability By Providing Romps: Disability Inclusive Expert Bitebo Gogo


To ensure that no child is left behind in achieving education 2030, The keeping it real foundation is calling for inclusive learning for children living with disabilities in Rivers state

The Volunteer Director of keeping it real foundation, Bitebo Gogo at an event to mark the 9th anniversary of the organization ‘’KEEPING IT REAL’’ said over 30 million Nigerians live with disabilities in a society that dis-enables them

Bitebo Gogo who is also an educationist and a child disability expert called on the state government to begin the process of implementing of the disability act to tackle some pressing challenges faced by people living with disabilities.

She said ‘’we don’t not want to wait for government to begin to arrest and prosecute people before we begin to do the right things. Let’s show empathy to the disable community because there is thin line between ability and disability. You can go out in the morning come back in the evening and you are disabled due either accident, regenerative ailments or diseases. So we must show empathy’’

The child disability inclusive expert Bitebo Gogo who is also while donating some braille materials to some blind children at OTANA INCLUSIVE CENTER to mark the foundation 9th anniversary with special needs children said a lot of Nigerians are not even aware that the discrimination against person’s disability act was passed into law in January 2019 and a time frame was given for urgent implementation by all public and private sector to include disability access in their work places, employment opportunity, etc.

She said the law provides for states to begin arrest and prosecution of those who discriminate against people living with various form of disability that could hinder them to reach their potential.

The Volunteer Director of keeping it real foundation Bitebo Gogo also called on government to create an enabling environment for people with disabilities by ensuring that all public places are fitted with accessible romps

She also called on residents in the state to show empathy by assisting people living with disabilities to live a normal life


Also speaking at the event the inventor audio amplifier for with hearing disabilities Dr Allison Otana. Called on Rivers state government to improve learning facilities at the school for physical challenged persons located at the Borokiri axis of port Harcourt.

He said he is motivated by the fact that he could give back to the society and worked to achieve Hearing Aid for deaf people and is involved in a lot charity events.

Dr Otana however frowned at the thought of using disable people to beg on the road and urge those who had resorted to begging on the road to re-channel their energy by discovering their gifts as they can only loose one bodily function,


Our correspondent reports that items donated to the blind include typewriter, braille slates and walking aids for the blind.