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Police Kills Again!! Autopsy Report On Late Journalist/Activist Alex Ogbu Shows He Died Of Bullet Wounds To His Head


The Autopsy report of late Comrade Alex Ogbu a member of Civil Rights Council, Abuja and Seasoned Journalist who died last month during Shiite and Police clash in Abuja has shown that Ogbu was killed by a bullet that caught him in his head contrary to claims by the DPO of the station that comrade Ogbu fell and hit his head on a stone while he was running from the protesters.

The Autopsy which was carried out at National Hospital Abuja Comrade Ogbu proved he died from Gunshot injury contrary to claims by the Police that he fell and hit his head on a stone which led to his death.

Recall that the DPO had told members of Civil Rights Council and family members/wife of comrade Alex Ogbu the day they visited the station that he fell and hit his head on a stone which led to his death. And that Sahara Reporters had on that day reported how Police lied to cover up.

call for JUSTICE for Comrade Alex Ogbu,Member of Civil Rights Council,Abuja members


Only yesterday, in the evening of Tuesday 21st January, 2020 we lost another citizen and a comrade due to reckless policing by the Nigeria Police at Berger Roundabout in Abuja, during attempts by the Police to disperse a protest by the IMN.

Although the exact circumstances are not yet known, what is clear is that Comrade Alex Ogbu who was not part of the protest was shot dead.

It is also becoming clear that those responsible for the shooting left him dead at the scene of the crime.

This unfortunate shooting death of a citizen is one more in the long trail of police brutality resulting in fatalities, due to recklessness on the part of the Police.

In this circumstance therefore, our duty is to see to it that there’s justice for comrade Alex (#JusticeForAlexOgbu) as well as Justice for the Young family, who have been deprived of their husband and partner, and their father.

This cause for justice is also an occasion to raise and amplify the demand for urgent and radical reform of policing in Nigeria in order to put an end to Police Brutality.

An immediate investigation by the FCT Police Command, ordered by the IGP is of urgent necessity.

Similarly, an immediate and independent investigation by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is equally required.

The ultimate end of these investigations should be to determine the exact nature of the circumstances surrounding this murder of a citizen by law enforcement agency of the state; identify the culprits; prosecute and punish the culprits as a deterrence to others; and as well identify and make provisions for forms of support to the young family he has left behind.

As a matter of urgency, the police should enable immediate Psychosocial support and trauma counselling for his widow.

I am saddened by this loss; the activist community is once again bereaved. Nevertheless, we must not let this dampen our spirits, we must draw courage from his commitment, and we must ensure that this sad and unfortunate event strengthens our will to ensure that this sort of thing never happens again.

#JusticeForAlexOgbu ! #StopPoluceBrutality !! NEVER AGAIN!!!


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