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Australia Heaviest Rain In 30 Years, Causing Flooding, Putting Out Months Of Bush Fire


The Australian city of Sydney has seen its heaviest rain in 30 years, with the rains also putting out many of the bushfires which have torn through New South Wales in recent months.

About 100,000 homes have also been left without power, the state weather agency said 391.6mm of rain had fallen in the past four days, and warned of potentially life-threatening flash floods. Many homes also were flooded, bringing travel chaos and forcing thousands from their homes.

The Currowan fire which had burned for 74 days around the town of Shoalhaven, destroying nearly 500,000 hectares and 312 homes has also been put out but There are still 31 fires burning in New South Wales, but none are considered an immediate danger at present.

The state emergency minister David Elliott has urged Sydneysiders to help rescue services by taking warnings seriously, staying away from flooding and keeping off the roads if possible advising people to stay home from work on Monday to avoid the disruption.

The Northern Beaches area has already seen significant damage, with several meters of beach being washed away in places with thousands of people in low-lying areas of the city have been told to leave or get ready to leave their homes.

people living around the Narrabeen Lagoon, a low-lying area in northern Sydney, were told to evacuate before roads became impassable.



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