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Who Will Tame This Marauding Task Force? Traders At Rumuodomaya/Rumuokoro Axis Of Port Harcourt Cry Out?


There was panic and confusion on Friday and Saturday as a task force set up by Rivers State government went on rampage at the Rumuodomaya / Rumuokoro axis  in Port-Harcourt, in an attempt to clear the area of traders selling their wares.the defiant traders whose good s were destroyed claimed they were not in the way of the marked area urging our correspondent to take a look at where they displayed their goods and properties that were allegedly destroyed and burnt by the group. There were also reports of looting by the task force.

The Traders are currently facing a clampdown by the State Task Force over illegal Street trading and displaying of wares close to the road but asked the state task force to show them the marked areas.

Other affected local government areas are; Obio-Akpor and Eleme, which are also experiencing the wrath of the RVSG Task Force.

The Task Force team led by Bright Amewhule in the course of their duty seized petty trader’s goods is begging the Rivers State government to consider the timing of the street clearance operations which they said was wrong as no alternatives were made for them.

“We are begging on government to build new markets which will accommodate all of us and also make the markets affordable. When I said affordable, I meant in terms of shop rent, ticketing, etc.”, one of the traders said.

Meanwhile, customers and observers said however that, the way the Task Force is going about with the clampdown is improper noting that after destroying some of those goods like Garri that was poured on the floor and fish on the ground end up in innocent citizen’s pot who may not be aware that the goods have kissed the ground.

They said the modus operandi of the Task Force set up by the Rivers State Government is extremely Terrible and asked for a review of term of operations so that they don’t end up like TIMARIV.



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