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Rivers State Police Command Apologize For Misleading Statement Earlier Issued On The Cause Of Death Of Late Chima Ikwunado: Says E-Crack Commander Lied To All Of Us


The Rivers state police command has apologized for the misleading statement it issued on the case of late Chima Ikwunado who was allegedly tortured to death by police of mile one division.

The police public relations officer Nnamdi Omoni told our correspondent Anita Ogona that he issued the statement after interrogating SP Benson Adetuyi who was in charge of E-Crack unit.

He said the command is also startled and embarrassed that the E-Crack commander could lie to the CP and force headquarters in that manner

‘’When this incident happened we called SP Benson Adetuyi as the video went viral and asked him what happened he said they were investigating a case of armed robbery, that they were intercepted taken to the station and that they were interrogated and detained in the cell in the cause of Interrogation Chima eventually died in custody and he was taken to the hospital and it was reveal that he died of high sugar level. I am quoting him so based on that when I was interviews on Radio I quoted him, when the CP Summoned him he told the CP the same thing, when the Force PRO Called him and the team to Abuja he told them same thing so we were startled when autopsy was conducted the other day we were thrown aback’’

‘’So in that my statement I equally said we were not contending with or rely 100% on what he told us that CP Has ordered full scale investigation into the matter so the revelations we are getting today is as a result of the investigation that was instituted by the commissioner of police by men of the state CID, It is still the same police, the revelation of there was no autopsy was still revealed by the same police, if we wanted to cover our tracks we would have done that but because we are transparent and the report from the pathologist is still from the police doctor. And the officers involved in this dastardly act are currently been detained when it is being confirmed that the Late Chima Died out of torture that is murder and we would deal with them appropriately.’’

‘’For the commander himself he has been redeployed. All hands on deck to ensure that justice is served in this matter’’

The police public relations officer in Rivers state DSP Nnamdi Omoni also appeal for calm. He said the command will deal with all the officers indicted in this matter. ‘’the CP has promised to address the press Holistically as soon as the Autopsy report is out because that would be captured in our investigation report and based on our report CP would now tell the world what happened and the level of complicity of every body’’



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