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Life Inside Eagle Crack Police Detention Facility(Cell): Former Detainees Narrates How They Pay #5000 To Graduate From Sambisa Cell And Escape Torture


While The death of late Chima Ikwunado’s in police holding facility has unraveled existence of torture chamber in the Eagle crack Police Unit at Mile 1 Diobu it was however silent on the life inside the cell itself.

Former detainees at the Eagle Crack cell told Revelation Agents that the cell have six presiding officers. The highest ranking officer is the General Officer Commanding(GOC) of the cell. The next in rank is his second in command(2IC).

The third in Command is the Chief Security Officer(CSO) while 4th and 5th in command is Torture 1 and Torture 2. The 6th in command is Officer in charge of “Sambisa” that is where the toilet is.

An arrested person is required to pay 5,000 as ‘cell show’ to the leadership of the cell. Arrested persons who do not have the cell show as they are entering the cell we be severely beaten by Torture 1 and Torture 2. Torture 1 and Torture also discipline detainees who seem to have failed the rules governing the cell.

Officer in charge of Sambisa allocates position in the toilet to detainees who are yet to complete their cell show. Detained persons are only brought out of Sambisa and given a space inside the cell proper when u have finished paying Your cell show. Detained persons take money from their visitors and pay until the payment is over. The duty of the GOC is to organize what detainees will eat for the day. He and his 2IC counts the money in the account and determines what they the detainees will eat especially people who don’t have anybody that visits them. No detainee is allowed to eat alone food brought for him by his visitors as 4 persons will join to eat with the person.

If the food pleases the GOC or any of the presiding officer, they will eat first and pass it over to the person the food was brought for and others. The Chief Security Officer is in charge of the security of the cell. The second in command takes over if the GOC is granted bail. New persons are appointed as Torture 1,2 and officer in charge of Sambisa if the former ones are granted bail. That is the life inside Eagle Crack Unit cell

Source Revelation Agents


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