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Lawyers And Ikwerre LGA Chairman Differs On Who Is Responsible For Wanton Arrest Of Youths In Ubima Over CLO, Surveillance Contracts


Human Rights Lawyers have raised alarm over the recent incarceration of one of its members who was allegedly arrested on whisked to Abuja on the orders of Ikwerre local government Chairman Samuel Nwanosike


Spokesman for lawyers Watch for justice International Initiative Gbenga Oladapo said the lawyer Ikechi Jeffrey who is also the CLO of his community was re-arrested last week on another tromp up charges by Samuel Nwanosike despite a subsisting restraining order from Port Harcourt high Court.

The spokesman for lawyers Watch for justice International Initiative Gbenga Oladapo said the matter took another twist when Ikwerre local government Chairman Samuel Nwanosike also ordered for the arrest of the younger brother of the lawyer who is physically challenged and whisked to Abuja.



The Lawyers Watch for Justice International Initiative(LAWJII), families’ members of Geoffrey Ikechi -Jeff Esq a practicing lawyer and his cousin Ekele Onuah a physically challenged man has differed with Hon. Samuel Nwanosike, Executive Chairman of Ikwerre local Government area of Rivers State, Nigeria on masterminds of arrest of the two brothers by the Police on 17th and 19th February 2020 respectively.

In a media briefing on Friday in Port Harcourt, the spokesperson of LAWJII Barrister Gbenga Oladapo Esq said the arrest of Mr. Jeff and Mr Ekele by the Nigerian Police and the masterminds when the matter is pending in court is disrespect to rule of law and flagrant disregard to the court.

Barrister Gbenga stated that the action of the Police and their sponsors portends great danger to peace and rule of law.

According to the legal practitioner, after Mr Jeff was arrested last year September, upon his release from the Police custody Mr Jeff instituted a case against the Nigerian Police, Dandyson Onuah and Samuel Nwanosike to challenge his first arrest which was based on falsehood where he was arrested for murder and forgery.

LAWJII disclosed that the most shocking aspect was the arrest of Mr. Ekele a physically challenged man and brother to Mr. Jeff on the 19th February 2020 in a bid to further intimidate and harass the family.

Barrister Gbenga called on Inspector General of Police to invite Hon Nwanosike Samuel and Dandyson Onuah accused of masterminding the arrest for questioning.

An octogenarian mother to the two brothers allegedly arrested by Ikwerre local government Chairman Samuel Nwanosike Beatrice Onuah told our correspondent that her sons have never stolen before and begged the Chairman to release her children

in her speech said her sons are innocent of all the allegations leveled against him. She pleaded with the Council Boss of Ikwerre LGA to ensure the release of his son.

Wife to the physical challenged man Chioma Onuah who just put to bed some days ago said her husband is yet to see his baby in the hospital when he was whisked away. Chioma Onuah is wife to Ekele lamented the untold hardship she and her 3 days old baby is going through since the arrest of her husband. She threatened to commit suicide if Hon. Nwanosike whom she accused of having a hand in her husband’s ordeal does not ensure the return of her husband.

Chioma Onuah,wife of Ekele Onuah with her baby

A Cousin to Jeff and Ekele, Emeka Onuah alleged that the Chairman of Ikewerre LGA instigated the arrest of Mr Jeff because he was made Community Liaison Officer(CLO) of All Grace Energy Limited. He appealed to the Police to leave his brothers alone.

The Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government area, Hon Nwanosike in a press conference on Friday dismissed the allegations leveled against him.  Nwanosike denied arresting the two Onuah brothers.

He said at a media briefing that an oil company operating in the area All Grace Energy of using some cultists in the area to destabilize the community.

The Ikwerre Council Boss Stated as follow:


My attention has been drawn to a concocted and frivolous petition leveled against the Executive Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State, Hon Engr Samuel Nwanosike, JP, by Lawyers Watch For Justice International Initiative and signed by One Gbenga Oladapo, Esq, on 20th February, 2020, under the guise of Save Our Souls (SOS) to The Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters, The Senate Committee on Police Affairs, The Police Service Commission, The Executive Secretary, National Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International over the arrest and detention of Geoffrey Ikechi-Jeff, Esq, and Ekele Onuah by men of the Nigeria Police Force on 17th and 19th of February, 2020, for impersonation as Representatives/CLO of Omu-Wume/Omu-Okpi Families to All Grace Energy Limited/Wester Ord Oil and Gas Limited (Joint Venture).

The Lawyers Watch For Justice International Initiative has alleged in the petition that the arrest and detention of the duo were masterminded by Hon Engr Samuel Nwanosike (JP) and Mr. Dandison O. Onuah on trumped-up charges.

For record purpose, I want to categorically state that:

  1. All the allegations contained in the petition are false, not true.
  2. Hon Engr Samuel Nwanosike, JP, is the Executive Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Council who hails from Omagwa Community of the LGA and not an indigene of the community or a member of the families in question.
  3. Hon Engr Samuel Nwanosike, JP, is not a law enforcement agent, thus cannot arrest and detain any person.


  1. Hon Engr Samuel Nwanosike, JP, is a law abiding citizen who had sworn an oath as the Executive Chairman of Ikwerre LGA to protect the lives and properties of Ikwerre LGA people and cannot stoke up misunderstanding or enmity in any community of the LGA he sworn an oath to protect.

I hereby called on the Inspector General of Police, the various Senate committees, commissions and organisations to invite the Lawyers Watch For Justice International Initiative for questioning and prove of her malicious allegations.

Hon. Nwanosike further explained that All Grace Energy Limited in conjunction with one Christian Ele and Dandyson Onuah were the alleged masterminds of the activities he is accused of.

The KELGA Council Boss revealed that he has never had any business with All Grace Energy Limited. He reiterated his resolve to protect lives and property in the local Government area irrespective of the distractions while calling on Governor Wike, the Federal Government and Security agencies to investigate the activities of officers and Staff of All Grace Energy which if not checked may lead to total breakdown of law and order in the local Government area.

On the initial arrest of Mr. Jeff last year September, the Council Boss disclosed that he was not responsible but that the said Jeff was arrested by Police over a murder case.

Hon Samuel Nwanosike also instructed his lawyers to sue the Lawyers  for Justice Initiatives for damages to the tune of two billion Naira as cost of defamation .







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