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Corona Virus Latest Developments: ITALY-3 Deaths, 152 Cases:- South Korea 4 Deaths, 763 Infected:-Iran 8 Death, 42 Cases:- While China Records: 2500 Deaths with 77,150 Confirmed Cases


Latest News On Corona virus In other developments:

Thirty-two British and other European cruise ship passengers are in quarantine in north-west England after arriving back from Japan

In South Korea, a fourth person has died and the number of confirmed cases has now jumped to 763 seven people have died with 763 people infected. Around 7,700 troops have been quarantined after 11 military members were infected.

Eight new cases of the virus have been reported in the army, and one in the navy, air force and marine corps Рbringing the number to 11.  an increase of more than 100 on the previous day. Most cases are linked to a hospital and a religious group near the south-eastern city of Daegu

Italian officials have introduced sweeping measures to control what is now the worst outbreak of the coronavirus in Europe at least three people have died and more than 152 cases confirmed. Italy has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Europe,

Israel refused to allow some 200 non-Israelis to disembark from a plane which had arrived from South Korea, sending them back to Seoul; the 12 Israelis on board were quarantined

Iran reported 8th death from the disease, and ordered the closure of schools, universities and cultural centres in 14 provinces it also confirmed 43 cases of the virus

More than 2,500 people have died from the virus in mainland China, with some 77,150 cases confirmed cases reported.

In January, the WHO declared a global emergency over the outbreak of the new virus, which causes a respiratory disease called Covid-19. It comes with Fever, fatigue and a dry cough are the most common symptoms for patients.

The proportion of people dying from the disease appears to be low, with most only developing mild symptoms and making a full recovery.




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