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Convid19 Virus Outbreak Continues To Soar Around The Globe With Confirmed Cases In 30 Countries


South Korea – which has the largest number of confirmed cases of Convid 19 virus outside China – reported another 231 infections on Monday taking the total there to more than 830. Eight people have died.

Around 7,700 troops have been quarantined after 11 military members were infected.

But the biggest virus clusters have been linked to a hospital and a religious group near the south-eastern city of Daegu.

Italy has the largest number of cases in Europe, 229, and announced a series of drastic measures over the weekend to try to contain the outbreak.

Italian media reported Three deaths on Monday were all in Lombardy, It is not yet clear how the virus entered the country, officials said.

China reported 508 new infections on Monday, compared with 409 on Sunday. The bulk of the new cases were in Wuhan. Outside the worst-hit province of Hubei, the number of new infections continues to decline, according to official figures.

The death toll in China rose by 71 to 2,663.

Iran on Sunday said it had 61 confirmed cases of the virus, most of them in the holy city of Qom. Twelve of those infected have died, the highest number of deaths outside China.

On Monday an MP in Qom accused the government of covering up the extent of the outbreak saying there were 50 deaths in the city alone. However, the country’s deputy health minister quickly denied the claim.

In China, the government announced a ban on the consumption of wild animals and a crackdown on the hunting, transportation and trade of prohibited species, state media say.

It is thought that the outbreak originated at a market in the city of Wuhan selling wild animals.




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