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The International Federation Of Women Lawyers FIDA Says The Ratio Of Men Who Kill Women Is Higher Despite Cries By Men On Spousal Stabbing


The international Federations of Women Lawyers FIDA says the raise in the domestic violence against men is condemnable as no one has the right to take another person’s Life under the Nigeria law.

The chairperson of FIDA NGOZI Odunkwe EHOSIVBE in a chart with our correspondent says it was too early for Men to raise alarm over the rise in domestic violence against the Men as reversed is still the case.

She said the VIOLENCE AGAINST PERSONS PROHIBITIONS ACTS laws looks at violence on equal level both men and women. ‘’The VAPP Acts spells it out, violence is violence no matter who has committed the crime. Thank God that the Rivers state house of Assembly have domesticated the VAPP act in rivers state, we use this opportunity to appeal to the Rivers State Governor to sign the bill into law to tackle the growing concerns by men against violence’’

She called on women to exercise restrains when provoked and learn to walk out from toxic Relationship. ‘’you should ask yourself the time it takes you to go grab a knife to stab your spouse, was there enough time for you to walk away or run away? And if there is time learn some control measures when provoked, you can start by counting one to hundred, and then learn to keep quiet because you must not always talk back at every disagreement. If what is been said to you is not pleasant learn to walk away and don’t hear when you are much calmer, then talk about the issue to thrash it out so that it does not repeat itself.’’

The chairperson of FIDA NGOZI ODUNKWE EHOSIVBE However noted that the percentage of men who kill women is much more than women killing men.

‘’The ratio is like 1to 50% Or 1 to100%. A lot man still engages in brutalizing women and debasing them, cases of rape is on the increase and who are those committing these crimes women, so many women show up in our centers with bruises and cuts here and there caused by men on a daily basis and yet here we are, because some women are so irked that they begin to retaliate against the original culprits the men are shouting ‘’No one is speaking for them’’ where is FIDA now? But the truth remains that women are still on the receiving end when it comes to domestic violence’’.



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