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Today’s Summary On Coronavirus: The Latest Global Figures -China (80,151), South Korea (4,812), Italy (2,036) and Iran (1,501).


according to AFP – If you’re just joining us here is a roundup of the current global picture, according to the latest from Johns Hopkins CSSE

There are a total of 90,936 confirmed cases worldwide – although more than half of those (47,995) have already recovered.

The biggest numbers are still by far in mainland China (80,151), followed by South Korea (4,812), Italy (2,036) and Iran (1,501).

Japan has 274 confirmed cases, France 191, Germany 165, Spain 120, Singapore 108, US 106, and Hong Kong 100.

There are also cases in South America, Africa and Australia.

The total death toll stands at 3,117 with 2,936 of those coming from China. The countries with the next highest numbers are Iran (66), Italy (52) and South Korea (29).

There have also been deaths in Japan, the US, France, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.


The WHO says the virus is “unique” but stresses it can be contained

Quarantined foreign diplomats will be allowed to leave Pyongyang

Officials in South Korea say two members of virus-linked church had been to Wuhan

South Korea has reported 477 new cases and three more deaths

Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco and Senegal confirm their first cases

Australia’s central bank cuts interest rates in response to outbreak

Twitter tells staff in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea to work from home

Hong Kong to fly 533 residents back from Wuhan



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