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China Reports Lowest Cases Of Coronavirus Today: Death Toll Soars In Italy, While India Records 40 Cases Including A 3years Old Child


China has reported only 40 new cases of the coronavirus on Monday, its lowest number since its health commission began publishing nationwide data on 20 January. Of the 40 cases, 36 were from the virus epicentre of Wuhan – while the remaining four were cases imported from Iran.

But Chinese official warned that the country had to “stay cautious” – adding that the country “should not reduce the vigilance against the epidemic”.


And in South Korea the downward trend has also continued with reported 69 new cases, its lowest daily increase in 10 days. This brings the number of cases in South Korea to 7,382. The country’s Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun expressed optimism, but warned that he was still “extremely cautious”.


While in America the number of confirmed US coronavirus cases has risen past 500, as the virus continues to spread across the country. At least 21 people have died. President Donald Trump earlier signed an $8.3bn emergency bill designed to combat the outbreak. He had urged calm, saying: “It’ll go away.”


The death toll in Italy has jumped by 133 in just one day, making a total of 366 deaths in the country. The total number of infections also spiked by 25% to 7,375 from 5,883. This means Italy now has the highest number of confirmed infections outside China, where the virus emerged last December.


A three-year-old child from the southern state of Kerala has become the 40th confirmed case of coronavirus in India. The child had travelled to Italy with his parents and had returned to the country last week. He had been admitted to hospital with his parents following a thermal check at the airport. Children can catch coronavirus – the youngest cases have been only hours old.

But only 0.2% of children and teenagers with the virus have died so far, compared with nearly 15% of people over the age of 80.




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