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If You use Port Harcourt Airport Take Note Of The Following Signs Or Hold Extra Cash For Defaulting


The days to zoom to Port Harcourt international Airport Or the Local wing  with 300 naira gate charges have passed. if you are like me who wants to quickly drop passengers or wait fro them to get on their flights without money in your pockets the following rules for parking must be observed otherwise go with extra cash in case you come out and notice that airport officials have locked your tyres which takes them minutes to do so as soon as they watch you leave the car without observing the warnings and signs.

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport. but those who violate this rules pays 2000 Naira Finesthis means you must park with your front facing the lane parking

notice the way the cars are parked facing each other, there is nothing like i am in a hurry, any wrong parking attracts 2000 fine or Tyre lock

this Lane violations is the fastest earners for the airport task force. the officials parades the airport per minutes per seconds to check on those who hurriedly park their cars without observing the lane violations.


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