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Residents Of Dim Street In Mile 3 Diobu Port Harcourt Wakes Up To Behold ”The gods Must Be Hungry Basket Of Sacrifice”


When you think you have seen it in the densely populated areas in Nigeria, shock weaves will awaken you from the near impossible acts perpetrated by men and women in our country side.

While men slept unknown person dropped this basket of wonder package with carved image of a man and woman at 17 Dim Street Mile 3 diobu Port Harcourt.

it was set ablaze this morning by ‘street boys’. The man and woman carved image faced opposite directions and tied together with rope. Included in the basket is one kobo coin, cowrie, biscuits, sweets, perfume, powder etc. in the wooden basket.

In our clime it’s not surprising that such wicked gifts springs out once in a while, as not all those who flock to churches on Sunday believes the Gospel of Christ with all their heart and some are feeble minded given to whims and caprices of men of the other world.  Whether the basket is intended to be sacrifice for good or bad is left for the owner to ascertain when you still hear activities of yahoo boys who eat human faeces to get rich by all mean.

Our correspondent noted that despite the influence of religion in our society a few people still engage in fetish activities.


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