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Panic Buying Hits UK: Retailers Warns Shoppers To Considers Others As Food Banks Say They Have Shortage Of Basic Items Because Of Coronavirus


Food bank shortage blamed on panic buying and lack of supply to fill back the empty shelves.

Supermarkets in the UK are appealing to shoppers not to buy more than they need amidst concern over coronavirus-linked stockpiling.

In a joint letter, UK retailers have reminded customers to be considerate in their shopping, so that others are not left without much-needed items.

“There is enough for everyone if we all work together,” It comes after some shops began rationing the sales of certain products to avoid them selling out completely.

The retailers say they are working “closely” with government and suppliers to make more deliveries to stores so that shelves are well-stocked.

Campaigners have warned stockpiling could hit the “most vulnerable” hardest.

Some food banks say they have a shortage of basic items which have already been panic bought by shoppers.

The government has said there is no need for anyone to stockpile items, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging people to “behave responsibly and think about others”.

The government is relaxing restrictions on delivery hours for retailers to try to ensure shops remain stocked with basic items.

Deliveries to supermarkets are usually restricted overnight to avoid disturbing local residents.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said allowing night-time deliveries would allow stock to move more quickly from warehouses to shelves.

Meanwhile, the Competition and Markets Authority watchdog has warned retailers not to “exploit” fears about coronavirus by dramatically increasing the price of protective goods such as hand gels and face masks.




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