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A Disability Inclusive Expert Has Asked The Rivers State Government To Create A Business Hub Within The Mile 1 & Fruit Garden Markets For Disability To Ply Their Trade


An expert in education is advocating for inclusion of people with disability into the ongoing allocation of shops at mile one and fruit garden in the state.

The Volunteer Director of keeping it real foundation Bitebo Gogo made the call at the graduation ceremony of Niger Delta youth employment pathways projects designed to empowers youths in the region. She appealed to the Rivers state government to create a business Hub within the mile and fruit gardens market to enable people with disabilities showcase their skills.

The Volunteer Director of keeping it real foundation Bitebo Gogo also frowned at the high level of entitlement mentality displayed by youths in the Niger delta. she said 70% of Nigeria youths are not employable due to lack of skills

A research by partnership in the Niger delta initiative PIND foundation says that 70 percent of Nigeria population are youth and out of 190 million Nigerians 30 million people live with a form of disabilities

The research also reveals that most youths in Nigeria are either unemployed, under employed or unemployable. She said some are unemployed because there are no jobs, or some people are underemployed, there are jobs they can do but cannot get those jobs and some are UN-employable because they don’t have the skills necessary to get employment. So PIND came up with this imitative in the Niger Delta by doing a research to find out the skills that are highly Marketable in this current setting that we are in, and they found out that skills in Agriculture, ICT, CONSTRUCTION and LEATHER WORKS in this sectors are quite marketable and there is a lot of opportunities in these areas.

She said the Keeping it foundation being a disability inclusive organisation decided to focus on ICT because that is one area that our beneficiaries with disabilities would be able to create opportunities for themselves.

‘’So they were taught on basic ICT, Micro soft word, power points and excel, then Basic phone and computer hardware and software repairs, digital marketing, soft skills and entrepreneurship ‘’

Bitebo also said from November last year to march this year, we have two batches of people that were trained bringing the number to 58 and they were graduated today. ‘’And we have also come to release unlike other programme this is different because when other programmes are implemented, you find out that after the training the young people are given starter packs and sometimes they are given money and because they didn’t really start anything before they were given the starter packs and the seed grant they end up not using it for anything. After a year of so you look for them but can’t find them.’’

‘’The good thing about this program is that PIND gets implementing partners like us to try and track the young people that goes through our training’’



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