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A New Cult In Town! Spreading Like Wild Fire Among Teenagers Set To Dominate The 4 other Cult Groups: Watch Out For The Marlian Order



Most teenagers ignorantly want to be a Marlian without basic understanding of what it entails.

Report says Marlian ‘cult group ‘ is spreading like wild fire in the state with mission to inculcate the doctrine in at least one out of 5 teenagers. The Marlians are said to draw inspiration from a Nigerian musician who is deeply rooted in hard drug activities, Narcotics, with loose trousers hanging below their butts.

Both the men and women (Marlian Queens) are synonymous with sagging with the slogan ‘one thousand trousers without belt ‘.

An Expert in security Prince Wiro explains that the most dangerous aspect of this dangerous trend is the initiation process of the teenage girls.  Where it was discovered that most cases the teenage girls are made to sleep with at least 3 men at the same time. The process of 3 men having marathon sex with the teenage girls is aimed at making them not to have conscience after initiation.

The men who will sleep with the female teenagers are recruited before the task and are made to swallow enough sex enhancing performance drugs to brutalize the female teenagers.

The head of the Female Marlians in any unit is referred to Queen Mothers. The Marlians hope to dominant the other four Major street/community cults in the state.

The Marlians is sustained by peddling of hard drugs and hopes to control major drug market in the state in nearest future.

Mr. Wiro called on Fathers, Mothers, Guardians, Teachers should know that Marlians are in town and our children should be closely monitored.



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