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Over 200 Shops & Goods Worth Billions Of Naira Destroyed As Mysterious Fire Engulfs Otukpo Main Market In Benue State


A tragedy describes as Black Monday In Benue State  as Traders watched their goods destroyed in the Otukpo main market fire.  while Lagosians are yet to recover from the inferno dubbed black Sunday in Lagos  with the pipeline explosions which took precious lives to early grave and now to black Monday in Otukpo, the question on everybody’s Lips is What have we done to deserve this tragedy.?

Eye witness said over 200 shops was burnt while scores of persons are left with injuries after fire broke out.

the fire which started in the late hours on Monday afternoon destroyed properties worth thousands of Naira,

the Traders were seen trying to rescue their goods The authorities is yet to unravel what led the fire and how it was started but our correspondent said the fire started around 5:00am and has continued till late yesterday.

another eye witness said the fire fighters are still at the scene of the fire but that they arrived the scene late and had no water to put out the fire which made the fire to spread and consume most parts of the market.

A trader whose goods was burnt said i couldn’t bring out a pin from my shop, see my body, i have burns all over because i wanted to rescue the money i left in my shop but no way. “Many people, especially traders, were also injured because they are trying to rush in to get their goods.

we also gathered that “Most of the traders keep their monies in their shops and can’t afford to lose them.  as such made frantic efforts to rescue the cash but Some already lost all they have.”


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