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Not All Police Men Are Bad! Residents Of Khana & Gokana In Rivers State Endorse DPO Of Bori, SP Bako Angbashim As The Perfect Wheel To Fighting Crime & Criminality In OgoniLand


It has been praises from the local residents of Bori in Khana Local Government area RIVERS STATE over the Performance of the new Divisional Police Officer Posted to the BORI area Command to tackle crime and criminality.

Before the arrival of the DPO (SP) Bako Angbashim, most residents and indigenes of Khana and Gokana had stopped going home, infact to attend burial ceremonies in the area one needs to hire an army or special police escort to guaranty safety and return. However, in recent times the reverse is the case as all ogonis frequent home without fear of kidnap, armed robbery or deadly cult shootout

East west reporters undercover asked some natives from Gokana and Khana LGA what has changed over the months with different activities holding in the area especially with the recent Beach Party organised on valentine’s day in Kono witnessing an unprecedented turn out, party lovers, Politicians, student’s Community, indigenes and visitors alike graced the lovers day event.


The residents did not hesitate to shower praises and give accolade to the new DPO (SP) Bako Angbashim posted in their locality.

Barriledum Peters said, ‘’I want to believe that this new DPO came to work, unlike what we have always had. This DPO, If you call him at 2AM in the morning or 12 midnight to report crime, he would answer you, the man is doing well’’.

Micheal Leegborsi in a funny gesticulation said that ‘’the new DPO in Bori is Working Oh! Imagine the kind of things we suffered in the Campus in the past years, everyday one armed robbery, rape, shooting here and there but today we can sleep with our two eyes closed because the DPO is active and working, if this is how police men are working then I will join the force but my sister I won’t lie to you the man is working and has not started collecting bribe, when he starts collecting bribe you will know from his conduct because they will buy his conscience and mouth’’PIX. SP BAKO With PPRO NNAMDI OMONI

Madam Beauty who is a known politician in the area, said the new DPO is the only answer we need in Ogoni, he is dealing ruthlessly with the cultist and hoodlums from this area that is why people like me can always come home and go back, like we used to do in those days before these hoodlums overran the whole area.

John NWINIA said anytime I hear that they have posted this DPO BAKO out of Bori, I will stop going home, you won’t even see me ten kilometers near Eleme not to talk of Bori.

Barridam Monday described the Bori DPO as god sent, very simple man. Very unassuming, humble and approachable person. Infact when my friend introduced me to him, I didn’t believe he is a DPO, and the next time I called him even without knowing me very well to give him vital information he responded swiftly. Since then I began to adore him, infact I believe he has some magical powers because the way he is dealing with cultist from my area in Khana, is not ordinary, these cultists in the past have made us to believe that bullet cannot touch them and they were outlaws but this DPO has chased them away

Police brutality is one of several forms of police misconduct which involves undue violence by police members. Widespread police brutality exists in many countries and territories, even those that prosecute it. Although illegal, it can be performed under the color of law.

DPO of the Moment. Superintendent of Police(SP) Bako Angbashim the DPO of Bori Police Divisional Police headquarters. The Commissioner of Police Mustapha Dandaura commended him specially at recent press briefing on the 11th of March 2020 to showcase weapons and arms recovered from hoodlums terrorizing the area. The summary of cache of arms and ammunition recovered from the hoodlums includes 65guns, one machine gun, one G3, 80 Cartridges 20 magazines, 648 ammunition, packs of tramadol, 20 laptops, phones military wears, siren and Radio gadgets.

The gallant police DPO was reported to have recovered many assault rifles and made life unbearable for criminals in both Bori and Andoni axis where the Police there seeks his assistance to dislodge high profile cultists.

Recently the combined efforts of the police, The Military and DSS brought a notorious criminal known as Ekeni-ore-Owaji (Who is God?) Titus Sunday Brown AKA Small winch and his second in command to a shameful end when they engaged the police in a shot out in a combined operation.

Like Many Journalists asked the CP what can be done to this noble and gallant officer with outstanding performance other than the CP hand shake? We are waiting to see the new Nigeria police reward for hard work




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