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Randy Pastor Rescued From Angry Mob At Mile 3 In Port Harcourt For Allegedly Sleeping With A Married Woman In A Hotel


A man stormed a Church at Elechi/Wokoma street Mile 3 diobu, the man known as Mr Austin Ndidi from Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo state came with His friends to beat up Pastor of Jesus Alive City International Mercy Land for sleeping with his wife.

When asked by our correspondent on why they suspected the pastor and went for him ‘’He said the wife told him she was going to see her mother who is sick. His brother who came for a business in a hotel saw the Pastor and his wife entering a room. His brother called him and on getting to the hotel at GRA the wife and the Pastor was coming out from the room. On seeing him the wife and the Pastor took to their heels. He told EWR that a Staff in the hotel confided in him that his wife and the Pastor are regular customer at the hotel.

Mr Austin explained that he came to the church to bundle the Pastor to Police Station but on sighting him the Pastor jumped fence and took to his heels.

The drama was said to have attracted youths from the Area who made to set the church ablaze but for the intervention of the CIVIL RIGHTS COUNCIL Members who quickly mobilized to the scene to calm the Youths in the area down and prevent them from Vandalizing the Church.

The CRC Chairman Prince Wiro also We advised Mr. Austin and his friends not to take laws into their hands. The matter has been reported to Azikiwe Divisional Police headquarters Illabouchi

The married man also made a formal entry at the Police station. And was advised to follow due process.  Not to take laws into his hand

The Pastor and the Man who accused the Pastor of sleeping with his wife, at Azikiwe Divisional Police headquarters have been interview by the DPO. There are indications that the Pastor may have denied what he was accused of as details to their discussion was not made open to our correspondent.

In the meantime, The Pastor has denied sleeping with the woman. He admitted that the woman was with him in an eatery for a complaints that requires his assistant and not a hotel as claimed by the husband of the woman, but the angry husband dismissed his claims said ‘’this is the second time he has dragged the Pastor to Police Station for allegedly having affairs with his wife. The man said he has told this pastor to leave his wife all to no avail. That he wants the Pastor to sign undertaken that He will not near his wife again who is a Mother of Four.



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