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China Has No Domestic Cases For First Time Of Coronavirus : 34 New Infections Are all Imported Cases


As we’ve mentioned there has been remarkable news from China today. For the first time since the crisis began there in December the country has reported no new domestically transmitted cases.

All new cases confirmed on Wednesday, 34 in all, and most of China’s recent cases have been people who came in from other countries – classified as imported cases.

Here’s a full list of where they came from by state media outlet Global Times.

Latest on imported #COVID19 cases in the Chinese mainland:
Iran: 47
Italy: 41
Spain: 28
UK: 25
France: 6
Philippines: 6
Thailand: 5
Saudi Arabia: 4
Hungary: 3
Austria: 2
Switzerland: 2
Egypt: 1
Indonesia: 1
Netherlands: 1
Portugal: 1
Brazil: 1
Luxembourg: 1
Unconfirmed: 7

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