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Manufacturers Association Of Nigeria Kicks Against Planned Increase On Electricity Tariffs/ Ban On Importation Of Generators


The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria has kicked against the planned Ban on generators Importation without adequate measures to provide steady Electricity to the consumers and manufacturers in the country.

President of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Mansur Ahmed stated this at the 303 AGM of the association held in Port Harcourt said banning generator is like putting the horse before the cart. ‘’It is not yet time to ban generating power set but federal government should first of all encourage manufactures to produce generators locally before banning Importation’’. He also clarified that the manufacturers Association is not against Federal government policies or its activities but will advise that since Nigeria does not generate enough power for her consumers or attain necessary daily distribution the way not to undercut your economy is to boost local production before banning importation.

The National president of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Mansur Ahmed also reiterated that members of the association are working to ensure that some essential drugs are manufactured locally to ensure that Nigerians do not depend on India to get basic drugs. He said because India depends on chain and Nigeria depends on India for some essential drugs we are encouraging our pharmaceutical members to source and produce locally, like the issue of the hand sanitizers which skyrocketed a few weeks ago, but our pharmaceutical people went into local production and has significantly reduced the price for hand sanitizers which is an essential commodity in fighting the global coronavirus pandemic.

However, at the end of the 303rd meeting of MAN in port Harcourt the following resolutions were taken,

  1. Manufacturing investments should not be left alone to the federal government, state government should begin urgent investment into the sector to encourage its members in various to sustain and grow her economy.
  2. Investment promotion is not all about attracting foreign investors, he said if government create an enabling environment for the local people to invest, the happy local investors will attract international investments through partnership, Collaborations, Trade idea sharing, loan attraction, safe and secure environment.
  3. They also urge the CBN to scale up current money measures to sustain the manufacturing sector to continue to provide employments for the teeming and talented youths in the country.
  4. They called on federal government to open up and diversify operations of shipments to other sea ports like the port Harcourt seaport and the calabar seaport, they noted that Lagos seaport is over saturated and causing unprecedented gridlock and loss of man hours to the association with most Importers having to bear demurrage on their goods due to no faults of theirs.

Our Correspondent also reports that association also kicked against planned increase on Electricity tariffs says it does not encourage investment in the manufacturing industry and will weaken manufacturers who are already overburdened with tax impositions


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