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Rivers State Pensioners Turn Emergency Evangelists, Choristers To Demand For Payment Of Initial Pension Allowance & Gratuities


Pensioners under the contributory pension schemes of 2015 to date and 2012 to 2016 retirees have appealed to rivers state government to begin the immediate of accrued pension allowance and gratuities to the Rivers state retirees or they occupy government house.

Leaders of the two bodies who merged into one at the state secretariat explained to the gathering that the two groups merged into one to enable them muster the strength and the numbers required to make meaningful demands and carry out actions for government to pay them their Initial pension allowance and gratuities

The coordinator of the group Lucky ATI told our correspondent that although government have placed them on monthly payroll the money is nothing compared to over 30 billion Naira owned the retirees. He we thank his excellency for placing us on monthly pension and for abolishing the contributory pension scheme but the joy of every pensioner is that when you retire government will give you that first bulk money to begin life and sort yourself out financially but where the money is not coming many years after retirement is frustrating our efforts and sending a lot of us to early grave’’.

Lucky Ati said I most commend the government for paying us our monthly pension allowances you can see that the number of deaths amongst us have significantly reduced, a lot of us can now buy our age related drugs and treat ourselves when common ailments comes knocking but we are also talking about being able to pay house rent and our children school fees after serving meritoriously for 35 years or the age of 60 whichever comes first.

Some of the retirees numbering over 1000 who gathered at the Rivers state secretariat said they are willing to do whatever they can to collect their money from the government including prayers and fastening

Madam Rose said we are no longer strong so we can’t even go on strike or shut down government facilities. All we are saying is pay us our money and we disappear that’s all.

Mr. Gabriel Okwara said this is the first time in the history of rivers state that government is not paying accrued allowances and Gratuities two years, three years after retirement, a state like Rivers state which is so blessed in Mineral and oil deposits? What a shame.

Madam Belema Peters said look at me! Am I a small child that every day at close to 70 years of age every day we are talking about one issue, why can’t Wike Pay us? Is the money his own? These money is our rights not a privilege. What has he done that after they work for 4 years they go home with jumbo pay but can’t us our merger rights. Pension allowance and gratuities’ is a right not a privilege tell him to pay us our money.


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