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US Overtakes China In Confirmed Coronavirus Cases With More Than 85,500 Positive Tests


The US now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other country, with more than 85,500 positive tests.

According to the latest figures collated by Johns Hopkins University, the US has overtaken China (81,782 cases) and Italy (80,589).

But with almost 1,300 Covid-19-related fatalities, the US death toll lags behind China (3,291) and Italy (8,215).

The grim milestone came as President Donald Trump predicted the nation would get back to work “pretty quickly”.

No. On 16 March, he set a 15-day period to slow down the spread of Covid-19 by urging all Americans to drastically scale back their public interactions.

But those guidelines were voluntary and did not amount to a national order.

The US Constitution makes clear states have the power for maintaining public order and safety, which scholars say means it is the responsibility of governors to decide when virus-related restrictions get lifted.

Currently 21 US states have told residents to stay in their homes or ordered the closure of non-essential businesses in order to contain the pandemic.

In the coronavirus hot zone of New York City, more than 6,400 emergency medical calls were placed over 24 hours on Tuesday, surpassing the total from the 9/11 attacks

Mark Blum, an actor who starred in Desperately Seeking Susan and Crocodile Dundee, has died aged 69 with coronavirus, says the Screen Actors Guild

Canada slammed a US proposal to deploy troops on their joint border to help fight the virus – the deputy prime minister said it would be “damaging to our relationship”

A supermarket in Pennsylvania said it had to destroy more than $35,000 worth of food after a woman intentionally coughed all over it in a coronavirus prank

According to the San Francisco Chronicle coyotes are roaming the empty streets of the California city, after residents withdrew indoors to limit the virus’ spread(BBC)



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