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Why Conspiracy Theories Spread Faster Than Coronavirus: Why Group Admins Should Break The Chain, Insist Forwarded Messages Are Verified


So many unsubstantiated information about the corona virus is flying up and down causing more fear than the virus could have killed.

In Nigeria for example people share and re-post rumours of how the virus is fake and how certain people in government wants to extort money from federal government in search for a cure or for a virus that was termed white man virus with US president Donald Trump calling the virus Chinese Virus, they believe its white man sickness.

Many in Nigeria believed that the hot climate was enough to chase the deadly virus away without proper information coming from the right quarters the left quarters took over the social media to propagate their lies and cause panic by offering various apps to check covid19 to dupe their fellow beings.

Then comes the rise in Fake HERBAL Doctors who have been using the gullible to forward fake herbal remedies and cure for coronavirus.

The painful part about these is that those you think are educated and wise are the first victims to these fraudsters.

Social media users in the UK are being urged to report ‘quack cures’ for coronavirus and challenge people peddling fake news about the disease in private messages.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said social media users need to play their part in tackling corona virus-related misinformation by following a five-step plan drawn up by non-profit group the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).

The CCDH’s plan asks users to go through a particular set of actions online, which also includes asking group admins to remove inaccurate content and sharing official scientific advice.

Pension savers have been warned to be extra vigilant about scammers using the coronavirus pandemic to prey on people’s anxieties and defraud them of their life savings.

Many will be particularly vulnerable now after seeing the value of their pension pot drop dramatically as markets have plunged in recent weeks.

We are more aware of the stories of bad behaviour by teenagers deliberately spitting and coughing at people because they’re amplified on social media, where we love to forward messages that outrage us,” Lunn said.

New social media guidance drawn up by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and endorsed by the culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, asks people not to reply to or share misinformation on social media, even if they want to point out it is wrong. This is to avoid spreading it further, as any engagement can place it in other people’s timelines.



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