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Residents Of Mile 1& 2 Diobu Issues 1-Week Ultimatum To PHEDC To Refund 3Million Naira Bribe It Collected From Resident Or Give Them Power As Agreed


Residents of mile and mile 2 diobu have accused PHEDC staff of collecting 3 million naira bribe to provide constant electricity to the area but has failed to do.

Speaking on behalf of the stakeholders of mile 1 and 2 energy customers using Ikwerre road feeder, Rev Amos Ordu told our correspondent that since the agreement was reached and monies paid to PHEDC officials the areas have been left in darkness since 2016.

Rev Ordu said over 20 streets in Mile 1 and Mile 2 diobu were affected by the PHED shut down of the area from Ikwerre road feeder and has been in darkness since then ‘’PHED has shut it down for 1 week as the customers refused to pay for bill because they claimed they cannot continue to pay for darkness after we have given 3 million naira to PHED to put infrastructures in place that will ensure improvement in light supply but instead of improvement the situation is the same.’’

The spokesman for mile1 – 2 diobu energy consumers Rev Amos Ordu said the sit at home order by government without light is making life unbearable for them and issued 1-week ultimatum to PHEDC to refund the 3 million naira they collected from mile 1 and 2 residents to put their infrastructures to function or face civil unrest. He said ‘’despite several efforts geared towards peaceful resolution PHED refused to attend to our compliant instead of PHED to address the complaints addressed in our letter to the MD of PHED last week they shut down the Ikwerre road feeder which distribute light to the area’’

We are now calling for refund of the 3 million naira and we are also calling on the Mayor of port Harcourt city to come to our rescue as we cannot guarantee any electricity staff who will come into that area to distribute bill or cut light.


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