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Covid19: Production Of Face Mask, PPEs By ABA Tailors: Who Is Checking Standard & Specification?


COVID-19: Aba Manufacturers are producing large quantities of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for sale. What is the health implications for lack of standardization

Social media critics saw these pictures which I believe were taken to extol the ingenuity of some of our very own commercial tailors: good one.

Maureen wrote ”those that don’t believe in Aba products will have no choice this time. Your govt have failed you as always but Aba will always be there for you. They said that Chinese face masks were infected with coronavirus. For those of you who are addicted to foreign things, this time if you try it with face mask, your name is sorry. Kudos to Abba guys.”

Chuka Okafor a scientist wrote and I quote ‘’Sewing Materials into face masks and shifting out for public use? What about disinfection? Do you know that those face masks, if not properly disinfected can lead to transfer of infectious organisms more deadly than corona virus?

He said ‘’There are some very resistant bacteria, for instance clostridium difficile which are highly resistant to disinfectants/heat. Even your hand sanitizers may not be able to kill them, especially when they have developed spores. Other bacteria to contend with here include MRSA, though not commonly transmitted outside the hospital environs.’’

He also noted that his post is not meant to discourage local production of these items, rather to help us understand that appropriate research should be done first before delving into some things. There are international standards that should be strictly adhered to while producing these PPEs.

The way forward according to him ‘’I appeal to the NCDC, federal ministry of health and other stake holders to help these guys and provide them with the right support needed to start manufacturing these stuffs according to international best practices so that we won’t start “sharing other things” among ourselves. Our tailors on the other hand should also stay away from dishing out these items into the market without ensuring they meet at least the minimal international standards.’’



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